Burma, Laos and Thailand 2008/2009
The highlight of this trip was traveling down the Mekong River and staying in the villages along the way. The river, like many rivers serves as a transportation route, a source of food, irrigation and in this case beauty.

The river was a dividing line between Thailand and Laos. Laos was part of Siam (Thailand now) before the French acquired it through gunboat diplomacy.
The weather was very pleasant, cool in the evenings (great for sleeping)and mid 20'C during the day. The sun was very warm if you liked it hot :-)

Unlike all of the other countries I have visited in the area, the drivers gave way to pedestrians and cyclist!!!! ...and I seldom heard a car horn! I can see why this would be a great country to cycle through (and I did see a number of touring cyclists) ...maybe next year.